You are sitting with your friends in your favorite cybercafé. They are telling stories about ways in which they feel oppressed. Think about their stories and give your reactions to them. Are any of these stories examples of different kinds of oppression? What can be done about these situations? i. Lori: "I can't get accepted on the cheerleading team. I know it's because the head cheerleader doesn't like me. She marked off points just because I fell off the pyramid. That cheerleading squad is one big clique." Is this a kind of oppression? What should Lori do to get on the team? (5 points)

ii. Angel: "I wanted to be a yearbook photographer, but I couldn't get on the yearbook staff. Josh said I didn't get invited to the right events because I wasn't part of the 'right social set,' and besides, my camera wasn't good enough. He also suggested that I'd probably make too many English mistakes in my report." Is this a kind of oppression? What should the yearbook sponsor (Josh) do to make sure that being on the yearbook staff is open to all students? (5 points)

iii. Gordon: "I got kicked off the football team because I missed a couple of games. I told the coach I couldn't play on Yom Kippur because I had to be with my family. It's an important religious holiday. Besides, we're fasting on that day." Is this a kind of oppression? What should the school do about religious holidays that are not specified as vacation days? (5 points)

Your school has put the psychology teacher in charge of in-school detention. He decides to conduct an experiment. He puts students with a high grade point average in charge of detention. He tells the students in charge that they are superior because of their study skills and good behavior, and that the other students are "problem" people who need to be supervised. He uses a hidden camera to watch the students' interactions.

i. Based on the 1971 Stanford University prison experiment, what do you expect will happen in detention? Will this be a problem for the school? (5 points)

ii. How will stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination influence what happens during detention? (5 points)

iii. How do you think assigning roles in this way will divide students at the school? (5 points)


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the correct answer is c. the use of consistent patterns that keep the elements in a series in the same form.

  parallel structure, also known as parallelism, is the use of the words in a sentence with the same patterns to attain the same importance for each word. it should be used when connecting words, such as for, and, or etc. are present. one example is: paul likes playing soccer and to swim. (not parallel). paul likes playing soccer and swimming. (parallel)

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