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the answer is (-8,-5)step-by-step explanation: the endpoint to midpoint is half the length. the length is (-2,-1) so when you are at the midpoint just add it to it to find your ans...Read More
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step-by-step explanation: ok one would be money, and the other would be refreshments or something similar. if each bag of popcorn is 5.00 and each drink is half of that that means...Read More
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1200 inches = 30 yards12 inches= 1 foot3 feet= 1 yard3feet= 36 inchesyou can set up a proportion then use inverse operations that looks sorry it looks so sloppy lol...Read More
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History, 03.04.2020, Softball6286
step-by-step explanation: yes it is1. move over 2 points on the x-axis2. move over 2 points on the y-axis...Read More
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