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based on the biblical principle philippians 4: 13 "i can do everything through christ who strengthens me." i agree that it is through him that we are given the strength to cope w...Read More
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no its not a run on sentence however i think you meant wet suits not sours also a run on sentence would be like surfers surf all winter long in southern california by using wet sou...Read More
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There is nothing inherently wrong with being gay. speaking generally, opposition to gays are usually judged on people's moral basis whether it be religion, experience or other fact...Read More
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kenny´s more than 25 years of relevant public service. in the army for two decades, as official representative for four years, and now for the department of state, as ambassador. t...Read More
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it would probably be inspector gadget cause he has a talking ! i mean who wouldnt want to have a talking and all those cool things he could do! hope this ! could i get brainliest...Read More
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