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in 1783 cavendish was working with his hydrogen gas and found that when he burned it and condensed the vapor it was water. this was very significant since it disproved the greek th...Read More
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Note that 2 mol dm⁻³ = 2 mol/(dm³)outline: we're given the concentration of hcl, which is  2 mol dm⁻³ (cubic meters in the denominator can represent volume, so i know this is...Read More
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a saline water is fed to a reverse osmosis unit at flow rate o rotameter connected to reject (retentate) line reads 8 installed in reject and permeate line reads 15.2 milli siemens...Read More
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Ithink this is what you meant. the temperature at which a liquid begins to boil is called the boiling point. the boiling point of water is 212°f or 100°c.  and at that point w...Read More
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