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answer; andrew jackson approved nullification by signing it into law,and john calhoun opposed it saying it was unconstitutional;...Read More
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europeans carried a hidden enemy to the indians: new diseases. native peoples of america had no immunity to the diseases that european explorers and colonists brought with them. d...Read More
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the correct answer option is: weapons.explanation: tensions rose as the two opposing superpowers competed for 'weapons'. referring to the cold war (1945-1991), the two superpowers...Read More
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martin luther king (1929-1968) was an activist for the african american rights, mr. king has a profile of a kind leader that built a tenacity, respect and full of hope future. he w...Read More
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the dominoes began to fall. the surrender at appomattox took place a week later on april 9. while it was the most significant surrender to take place during the civil war, gen. rob...Read More
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a reason that was key to coolidge's victory in the 1924 presidental election was that; democratic party supporters were split in the north and south....Read More
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