bonjour, ma question est simple : j'aurais simplement besoin d'idée, car en espagnol, nous faisons un travail de groupe qui consiste à "faire un entretient d'embauche ORIGINALE". Je n'ai pas besoin du texte en soit, mais simplement d'idée ( donner-en moi plusieurs =) Merci d'avance et bonne journée


1. enviaron

2. nos encontramos

3. se han querido

4. se abrazaron y besaron

5. me ayudaron


Agood essay idea would say you plan on moving to a spanish speaking place to learn more about it and stay connected, and for the second paragraph say they it will benifit you because professionally, you will have more job opertunities, because more and more places are starting to hire bilengual people, and that learning two ore more languages actually stop dementia from forming in your brain at an early age. i would love to do the essay for you, but we would both get in trouble for plagirism.

the correct answers are:

[b]:   " fray bentos " .

[c]:   " paysandú   " .

[d]:   " colonia del sacramento   " .

[e]: " salto " .

[g]:   " nueva palmira " .

hope this !

  best wishes.

not sure the question, but this translates to

"as you can see justice and injustice in the novel ¨the suspicious truth¨

i need "

hope that , let me know if you need any more : )

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