What type of society do you like most and why



d. because dr. laguardia selected a widely used measure, his study generalizes to has strong external validity. external validity has limited external validity. other applications of this measure.

the widely used measure that he applied to his experiment was the benton facial recognition test. it employed on to football players and as result, only players who suffered brain concussions did not pas this test. and although it has an external validity, it is limited because it isn't general to apply to other population.

answer; /// i do believe the correct answer is ( a

the most silence because nobody will find you trouble

I like horticulture society


In this society people grows Various kinds of fruits and plant in their gardens and the main source of food in this type of society. some horticulture groups use the slash-and-burn method to increase the production. the wild vegetation is cut and burned, and ashes are used as fertilizer.

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