Social Studies
"choosing is refusing" means individuals face an opportunity cost with each decision they make. economists state that every decision involves trade-offs. opportunity cost is the l... Read More
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The correct answer is a. when they started making tools that will them in cultivating lands, they could raise crops and that made them attached to one place for a longer period of... Read More
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1.  go out into nature and commune with the divine2.  experience real solitude to truly perceive nature3.  realize that individuals are meant to learn from nature an... Read More
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many citizens are in danger of contracting a food-borne illness. more people are living with chronic illnesses.pathogens are becoming stronger and harder to defeat. edge nuity... Read More
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texas governor sam houston opposed secession, but was unable to prevent it. in this speech, given prior to lincoln's election, he presents the argument that slavery would be safer... Read More
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the correct answer is the letter abright white has the greatest comparative advantage as it produces more than double the amount of small tubes than large in an hour.sparkling come... Read More
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