Write an appropriate force equation for the piston from this analysis model in terms of p, p0, m, a, and g.


it's a b and

a.metals can become magnetic if they have many spinning electrons that create magnetic fields.d.only some metals are attracted by magnets; these metals are called ferromagnetic.

d.wrapping an insulated wire around a metal with ferromagnetic properties and applying an electric current.

i dont think you are wrong for wanting to get even with someone who did you wrong.

(i'm an eye for an eye kind of person) but if this person hurt you in a sexual way, i dont suggest doing anything to him. he should be taken to the proper authorities, you could go to jail depending on what you do. if it was something small like your sibling took your spot on the couch, than yea, i would get even with him by taking one of his favorite snacks lol. but i dont suggest you doing anything illegal.

Because shotguns bullets ricochet

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