HELPP ME PLZ 12. Which of the following scenarios will result in work NOT being done?

a. A robot lifts a ball above its head.

b. A person pushes a box along the ground.

c. A waiter carries a tray of food across a restaurant.

d. A basketball player shoots a three-pointer.


The answer would be a
Pe = 1/2k(x)^2  and .05n/m = .05x10^-9m = x 

pythagoras' theorem

square root (-5^2+9^2)

square root (25+81)

square root (106)

angle is tan^-1(9/5)

neg x, pos y

The charge of an ion with 55 protons and 52 electrons is +3. the reason is because protons are positive, and there are three more than the amount of negative electrons.

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