A rectangular parking lot has length that is 3 yards less than twice its width. If the area of the land is 299 square yards, what are the dimensions of the land?The parking lot has a width of square yards.


answer: yes, since the line has a steeper rate of change than the exponential the y-values will be greater and they will only intersect one time.

3. (5x + 1) - (-10x + 6)

simplify the answer choice. combine like terms. remember to distribute the negative to the terms inside the second parenthesis. also remember that two negatives = one positive, and one of each sign = negative.

- (-10x + 6) = + 10x - 6

simplify. combine like terms:

5x + 1 + 10x - 6

5x + 10x + 1 - 6

15x - 5

∴ it is your answer


• Width = 13 yards


• Length = 23 yards


Let the width of the parking lot = w yards.

The length is 3 yards less than twice its width.

\implies\text{Length}=(2w-3)\text{ yards}

The area of the land = 299 square yards.


We then solve the equation above for w.

\begin{gathered} 2w^2-3w=299 \\ \implies2w^2-3w-299=0 \end{gathered}

Factor the resulting quadratic expression.

\begin{gathered} 2w^2-26w+23w-299=0 \\ 2w(w-13)+23(w-13)=0 \\ (2w+23)(w-13)=0 \end{gathered}

Solve for w.

\begin{gathered} 2w+23=0\text{ or }w-13=0 \\ 2w=-23\text{  or }w=13 \\ w\neq-\frac{23}{2},w=13 \end{gathered}

Since w cannot be negative, the parking lot has a width of 13 yards.

Finally, find the length of the parking lot.

\begin{gathered} 13l=299 \\ l=\frac{299}{13}=23\text{ yards} \end{gathered}

The length of the parking lot is 23 yards.

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