What tip will Brady get if a customer adds a 15% tip to his $18.52 meal cost?


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graphically?   well, you graph them both, the solutions is where they both intersect each other, since there are two solutions, meaning they will meet twice, or namely the linear will run into the quadratic curve twice, and where they meet, those x,y coordinates are the solutions to the system.

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Brandy will get a tip of $2.778

Here, we want to get the amount of tip Brandy will get

In the question, the tip is 15% of $18.52

That will mathematically be;

\begin{gathered} \frac{15}{100}\text{ }\times\text{ \$18.52} \\  \\ =\text{ }\frac{277.8}{100}\text{  = \$2.778} \end{gathered}

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