Which of the following is not a valid way of starting the process of factoring60x² +84x +49?Choose the inappropriate beginning below. O A. (x )(60)OB. (2x (30%)O C. (6x X10x)OD. (2x (5x )


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step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:


Given the equation:

60x^2 + 84x + 49

We are to determine among the options which is not a process of factorizing.

In factorizing, you get factors of the given numbers of the equation that when they are being multiplied or added, they give the numbers in the equation.

So, looking at the options, the only option that does not satisfies the requirement for starting a factorization process is B, which is (2x (30%)

Therefore, the inappropriate process of starting factorization among the option is option B which is (2x (30%).

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