Solve k over negative 1.6 is greater than negative 5.3 for k. k > −8.48 k < −6.9 k > −6.9 k < 8.48



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answer: 1722

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given: the mass of saturn=5.685\times10^{26}\ kgs

the mass of mercury=3.302\times10^{23}\ kgs

the number of times the mass of saturn is greater than the mass of mercury

=\frac{\text{mass of saturn}}{\text{mass of mercury}}\\=\frac{5.685\times10^{26}}{3.302\times10^{23}}\\\\=1.72168\times10^{26-23}{by using law of exponent}]\\=1.72168\times10^3=1721.68\approx1722

hence, the mass of saturn is 1722 times greater than the mass of mercury.

5/ 1/3=15 i think sorry if im wrong

i used to know but i learned it a long time ago sorry

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