Solve the following inequality: 6p - 15 < 33


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step-by-step explanation: i just don't

WE are to solve an inequality, so we proceed to isolate the variable "p" on one side of the inequality symbol:

6 p - 15 < 33

we add 15 to both sides:

6 p < 33 + 15

6 p < 48

now divide both sides by 6 (notice that since 6 is a positive number, the division doesn't change the direction of the inequality)

p < 48/6

p < 8

So we need to highlight on the number line, the line that starts at "8" and goes all the way to the left (to minus infinity), and make sure that at the point "8" you draw an "empty" circle to indicate that the number 8 itself is NOT included in your set of solutions.

Solve the following inequality: 6p - 15 < 33

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