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i need the statement

step-by-step explanation:

you can use a^2+ b^2=c^2

correct choice is b

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when you calculate the average rate of change of a function, you are finding the slope of the secant line between the two points. for the function y=f(x) the average rate of change from point a(a,f(a)) to point b(b,f(b)) can be calculated as

\text{average rate of change}=\dfrac{f(b)-f(a)}{b-a}.

to find the average rate of change from day 2 to day 10, note that at day 2, 8 houses were sold, so a(2,8) and at day 10, 2 houses were sold, so b(10,2). thus,

\text{average rate of change}=\dfrac{2-8}{10-2}=\dfrac{-6}{8}=-\dfrac{3}{4}.

The graph below shows the number of houses sold over x days. what is the average rate of change from
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congruent segments
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congruent segments. take a line, cut it in half, superipose one half over the other half; you'll have congruence.

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