Acat rescue service found homes for 40 cats in 5 weeks. what was the rate of cats being placed per week? which ratio is equal to the weekly rate? a) 8 cats 1 week ; 24: 3 b) 1 cat 8 weeks ; 6: 48 c) 4 cats 2 weeks ; 12: 6 d) 16 cats 3 weeks ; 16: 3


answer:   c ?

step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

A) 8 cats 1 week ; 24:3

40/5 = 8  you can double check the ratio  24/3=8

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So, you have 40 cats rescued in 5 weeks, right? Your first number is 40, second is 5, so you do 40/5==8, or 8:1 if you need a ratio (since you're going to have 8 cats per 1 week). Just from that first part, you can pick A. Then you have that 24:3 nonsense at the end of your answer choice; multiply your 8:1 by numbers until you get your 24:3 to see if it matches up.

and you keep going. You're keeping your same ratio because if you divide your first number by your second number, you're still gonna get 8:1 (8 cats 1 week)

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