Which of the following sentences are statements? (a) 32 C 42 D 52. (b) a2 C b2 D c2. (c) There exist integers a, b, and c such that a2 D b2 C c2. (d) If x2 D 4, then x D 2. (e) For each real number x, if x2 D 4, then x D 2. (f) For each real number t , sin2 t C cos2 t D 1. (g) sin x < sin 4 . (h) If n is a prime number, then n2 has three positive factors. (i) 1 C tan2 D sec2 . (j) Every rectangle is a parallelogram. (k) Every even natural number greater than or equal to 4 is the sum of two prime numbers


so, converting firstly the mixed fractions to improper fractions and then "adding".

\bf \stackrel{mixed}{2\frac{9}{10}}\implies \cfrac{2\cdot 10+9}{10}\implies \stackrel{improper}{\cfrac{29}{10}}~\hfill \stackrel{mixed}{5\frac{4}{15}}\implies \cfrac{5\cdot 15+4}{15}\implies \stackrel{improper}{\cfrac{79}{15}} [-0.35em] ~\dotfill

\bf -\cfrac{29}{10}+\left( -\cfrac{79}{15} \right)\implies -\cfrac{29}{10}-\cfrac{79}{15}\implies \stackrel{\textit{using the lcd of 30}}{\cfrac{-(3)29-(2)79}{30}}\implies \cfrac{-87-158}{30}  \cfrac{-245}{30}\implies -\cfrac{49}{6}\implies -8\frac{1}{6}

your answer is the frist one

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If your asking how much altogether for 12 performance the answer will be 98,496.
Is 8.50 an answer or no? ?

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