PLEASE HELP ASAP!! Solve the system of linear equations by elimination.
( __,___ )



step-by-step explanation:

yard and mile are too big.

answer is 8x+24

area of vanessa's patio = length × width

given, length = (3x² + 5x + 10)

width = (x² - 3x - 1)

area of vanessa's patio = (3x² + 5x + 10)(x² - 3x - 1)

= 3x²(x² - 3x - 1) + 5x(x² - 3x - 1) + 10(x² - 3x - 1)

= 3x⁴ - 9x³ - 3x² + 5x³ - 15x² - 5x + 10x² - 30x - 10

= 3x⁴ - 4x³ - 8x² - 35x - 10

hence, expression of vanessa's patio = (3x⁴ - 4x³ - 8x² - 35x - 10)


Step-by-step explanation:

First, you need one of the numbers in front of the variables to be the same in each equation so that you can cancel them out.  so find the lowest number that they both can multiply to.  The lowest number that they can both multiply to is 18.  So this is what the first equation would look like,


You need to multiply all the numbers in that equation by two

Then multiply the second equation by -3

-3x(6x+13= -9)

So the equations would look like this:



Then you need to add them together so you would get

0x (-18+18 cancels it out) -35y=105

Then divide each side by -35 and you'll get

y= -3

Last step,

9x+ 2(-3)= 39

(replace the y with -3 since that was our answer)

add six to both sides and then divide each side by 9 and you'll get


   +6  +6


9     9


(5, -3)

Sorry that i'm a year late btw

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