One cake is split into tenths. Three people are sharing the cake. List all the possible ways the slices could be split up if each person gets at least 1/10 and the three people get a total of 10/10. Explain how you know you have all the possibilities(assuming none of the slices are split into additional pieces).


its 60

4 x 12 = 48

3 x 4 = 12

48 + 12 = 60


Urgent! a blueprint of sarah’s room and walk-in closet is represented below. each box on the diagram
2ones makes no sense six flags with magic mountains that’s wrong

step-by-step explanation:

if x = 2 you have to find x to finish the problem


you half the rectangle that you ae asking about so then you would see the scale factor of 1/2 the one u have selected, the one on top is half.

hope this !

Which graph shows a dilation of the rectangle with a scale factor of 1/2> 


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