(Joel uses the incorrect expression 0.95(190)(0.8) to calculate his total. He finds that the tablet will cost him a total of $144.40. Describe his error and write the correct expression. question 1) (How much will Joel pay for the tablet? question 2)


Ibelieve the answer is b. y=0 would make the line horizontal across the x.

multiple all that

step-by-step explanation:


Answer: the correct answer is 10step-by-step explanation: let the number be n, then the expression becomes,then“twelve more than the quotient of a number and two, decreased by four” is(\frac{n}{2}+12)-4when n=4,we substitute 4 whetever we see n to get,(\frac{4}{2}+12)-4we simplify to obtain,=(2+12)-4we further simplify to get,=14-4=10therefore the correct answer is c.

the diameter is 16 cm. are you a teacher?

step-by-step explanation:

What measures of the cylinder do 26 and 34 describe? 26 cm 34 cm radius and diameter radius and hei

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hello, never fear papaguy is here! c. histogram step-by-step explanation:...Read More
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