Insurance Given µx = µ for all x and a force of interest of δ;
a. Derive an expression for Āx and Var[Z] in terms of µ, δ.
b. Assume that δ = 0.02 and µ = 0.01.
Find the probability that the net single premium, Āx, is insufficient to cover the benefits.


1^3 + 2^3 + 3^3 +4^3 = (1+2+3+4)^2

step-by-step explanation:

i am only able to answer the first part. i am not sure about the second part. sorry


step-by-step explanation:

given the points a(0,4) and b(-4, -8)

eqn of line ab: (y-4)/(x-0)=(-8-4)/(-4-0)



it’s the first one your welcome

If you make you answer for clear i can answer it : )

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