for each function, use the slope formula to calculate the rate of change between the points. in your final answer,
include all of your calculations.
f(x): (a, f(a)) and (b, f(b))
1.) f(x) = {2 – 3 (0, f(0)) and (6, f(6))
2.) f(x) = -x (-4, f(-4)) and (2, f(2))
f(x) = 22 (-2, f(-2)) and (0, f(0)
4.) f(x) = 2 (-1, f(-1)) and (1,
5.) f(x) = 24 (0, f (0)) and (4, f(4))


system of linear equation

step-by-step explanation:

as given in the data

a= 20 , b= -12

let us suppose that it is a straight line equation

now we know the formula for the system of linear equation

b= ma + c )

here m is slope of a straight line which is equal to formula

m= \frac{b}{a}   (ii)

and here c is a constant

now putting the value of a and b in equation (ii)



putting the value of a,b and m in equation (i) gives us

-12 = \frac{-3}{5} *20 + c

-12=-12 + c

adding 12 to both sides

-12 +12 = -12 +12 +c

0 =c

or c=0

as the value of the constant is zero which gives us that it is a linear equation and this order pair satisfies the system of linear equations.


step-by-step explanation:

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step-by-step explanation: just trying to get points sorry : (

step-by-step explanation:

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