As a group or as a class, try to find the quotient between each year of super bowl ads. write these quotients to the right of the table on the first page . you should put the values to the right and between the two years that you computed with. these values represent the number that we multiply by to get to the following year’s cost of a super bowl ad.


sas (side angle side)

aa(angle angle)

sss(side side side)

sas you have to find two sides with an angle in between

aa you find two angles because it will always add up to 180

sss find all sides

step-by-step explanation:

1.) 18+5 is one way i’m pretty sure there are others but i can’t think of them right now


hope i'm right lol

i believe the answer is 68cm

step-by-step explanation:

i just took 34 x 2 because the space between v and y is the same as y to k.

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