Which equation is equivalent to
f(x) = 16x4 – 81 = 0?


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oh the deck is the size of my dic k so about 320 inches hope u get my dic k as the answer

he has 140 chickens because he has 10 times more chickens than ducks and he has 14 ducks so 14*10=140

$15.40 per mile

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you have to round up to 4 because 6 is over 5 so you have to round the 3 up to 4

the correct answer is b. negative exponential growth.

step-by-step explanation:

you can tell it's an exponential function because it decreases rapidly then levels out and never touches the x-axis.

it is negative because the y-axis decreases as the x-axis increases.

therefore it is a negative exponential growth graph.

hope i !

Categorize the graph as linear increasing, linear decreasing, exponential growth, or negative expone

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