What are the soultion(s) to the quadratic equation 40- x^2=0


In all honesty, there really is no “work” per say to show. mainly it’s just using the process of elimination. the question is asking which domain(s) would be the most appropriate for the function c(n). n is the number of observed vehicles so right away, 1, 2, and 3 can be eliminated.why? 1, 2 start in the negatives and therefore it is impossible to observe negative cars. so, #4 would be the best answer to the given problem.

$450 is the answer.

step-by-step explanation:

30% of 450 = 135


Step-by-step explanation:

40 - x^2 = 0...subtract 40

-x^2 = -40multiply both sides by -1

x^2 = 40

x = (+ - ) sqrt 40

x = (+ - ) sqrt 4 * 10

x = (+ - ) 2 sqrt 10

x = 2 sqrt 10, and x = -2 sqrt 10

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