Mathematics, 30.10.2023, coleian24
b. f(x) = –√x + 3this is the correct answer... Read More
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yes, gavin is right.step-by-step explanation: gavin is correct.  this problem is about converting 9% per year to how many percent per quarter. the rate is still the same. it o... Read More
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Mathematics, 24.10.2023, bliss6115
sinn is the total amount of students now and m were the students before, you subtract them both (n-m) and divide that by m. then, since to get a percentage from a fraction you have... Read More
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Mathematics, 13.10.2023, fanny63
answer: a.step-by-step explanation: the answer is a. because, you need to converge the fractions to find a solution.... Read More
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Mathematics, 13.10.2023, CobyHageman
It is b as the correct answer is 0.088, you are able to work these out on a calculator or without a calculator if you type in the exact sum that is given for harder questions like... Read More
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