Mathematics, 08.05.2022, greennakareya
step-by-step explanation: i found the life tables for the year 2012.  life table of males at age 30. probability of dying between ages x and x+1total population:   29–30... Read More
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Mathematics, 08.05.2022, ikramhamideh
"it's not the heat, it's the humidity".   that's a partly valid phrase you may have heard in the summer, but it's actually both.   the heat index, also known as the appa... Read More
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Mathematics, 08.05.2022, habsofarah0
answer: [tex]x=3\sqrt{2}[/tex]step-by-step explanation: you need to apply the pythagorean theorem: [tex]a^2=b^2+c^2[/tex] where "a" is the hypotenuse and "b" and "c" are the leg... Read More
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can you put the picture up? step-by-step explanation:... Read More
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