(the fundamental orders of Connecticut) what reasons do the writers give for forming a government?


“unalienable rights” are ours to keep, by virtue of our creator. 

congress seems to have some powers the states do not have. they can do some pretty big things, they can declare war. and they can lead armies and navies. they also have the power to create a mail delivery system, make foreign treaties, print and borrow money, (both states and congress can do that)and make rules for certain places, i think they said the western states.  

the new government has been a big to growing their country! they are getting new land over west. and they are passing laws which to settle boundary issues.  

although most of this information sounds good for them, bad for us, there are some weaknesses from their plan. the people are still having issues with taxes and trading goods, they also don't have a main leader such as a chief or a president. they also have trouble with currency. the states are printing out so much money the national currency is beginning to be worthless. so things are getting hard to handle over here.  

some of the americans like the new government and think that even if they could ask about changing it they would be ignored. daniel shays got a group of people who hated the new government and decided to attack. this could become either worse or better.

(one-paragraph analysis)  

i think that they may start a war or some sort of big attack to make them change their government. most americans just don't want to discuss it. but i think that daniel man will speak up for them. if they do scare them they will get a better government and be able to deal with their issues better! i think that is what is going to happen next in the u.s., sincerely

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The writers of the constitution wanted a new plan of government because they felt the old plan gave too much power to the states and allowed too much democracy. They fixed these problems in the document that we now call the Constitution


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