Use the excerpt below from the magna carta to answer the following question:

7. a widow, after the death of her husband, shall forthwith and without difficulty have her marriage portion and inheritance; nor shall she give anything for her dower, or for her marriage portion, or for the inheritance which her husband and she held on the day of the death of that husband; and she may remain in the house of her husband for forty days after his death, within which time her dower shall be assigned to her.—public domain

what does this excerpt from the magna carta indicate about the status of women in medieval english society?

women would receive no money if their husbands were to die.
women often risked losing their husband's property if he were to die.
women were quickly gaining the right to participate fully in the economy.
women were restricted more than liberated by the magna carta.


when people started to question traditional christian beliefs, they became criminals in the eyes of the church: they were accused of heresy and then, executed. the church held unbelievable power and anyone who tried to defy it or its beliefs, was demonized and persecuted.

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Probably japan. they got a really high life expectancy.

The correct answer is B) women often risked losing their husband property if he were to die.

This excerpt from the Magna Carta indicates that the status of women in medieval English society was difficult because women often risked losing their husband property if he were to die.

In those years of medieval English time, women played simple roles of wife, mother, and peasants, although a few were counselors of the queen. Most of the women worked as peasants to help the man and raised children. Some women became nuns to serve God. But according to Magna Carta, as seen in the excerpt, women often risked losing their husband property if he were to die.

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