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"Freedom fighters" are generally anticommunism.
Civil wars posed little threat to the United States or
to the USSR
Proxy wars were safer for the world than any “hot
war" fought by the United States and USSR.
Nuclear war was safer than the war waged by the
USSR in Angola.


Not sure if it’s within 12 months, but you could talk about the spreading of alt-right hate speech and whether that is covered by the right of freedom of speech? or, cover how during the midterm elections in some states many native american populations were declined to vote because they didn’t have the proper id, despite being citizens? also, the death of that journalist last month, who spoke freely and reported about the saudi government and how corrupted it is and was killed because of that (lack of free press/speech). just some ideas for this prompt, i hope at least one of them : )

atman means 'eternal self'. the atman refers to the real self beyond ego or false self. it is often referred to as 'spirit' or 'soul' and indicates our true self or essence which underlies our existence.

there are many interesting perspectives on the self in hinduism ranging from the self as eternal servant of god to the self as being identified with god. the understanding of the self as eternal supports the idea of reincarnation in that the same eternal being can inhabit temporary bodies.

the idea of atman entails the idea of the self as a spiritual rather than material being and thus there is a strong dimension of hinduism which emphasises detachment from the material world and promotes practices such as asceticism. thus it could be said that in this world, a spiritual being, the atman, has a human experience rather than a human being having a spiritual experience.




The use of the epic simile in this excerpt readersunderstand that​
Why do you have to ask such hard questions.

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