Which one of these was a consequence for farmers during the dust bowl


the correct answer is: the fact that the anti-federalist papers were considered poorly written.

the catholic church withhold people's access to the bible during the middle ages.

people could go to church and listen to the teachings, but it was absolutely forbidden to own and/or read the books of both the old and new testaments. it was also prohibited to translate the books (which where originally in biblical hebrew) to any other language.

this was done so the church could remain in control of what their teachings were and to enhance their importance and power, while also being able to judge people's actions through information that was unavailable for the general public.

they were unable to pay their debts

the east coast has nothing to do with the dust bowl, the dust bowl killed a full year's worth of crops in seconds, and with the dust on the land, the land would be worthless.   furthermore the farmers couldn't  get  out of their houses due to the dust so when the bank came to collect money, farmers couldn't  pay it

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