In one or two sentences, summarize the author’s thesis statement about the equal rights amendment (era). how does this article excerpt give you a better understanding of the political difficulties that faced era proponents in the mid- and late 1970s?


The answer is d. spain.

it was certainly a debatable decision, mainly because it was based primarily on political - and not on legal or social - views. since the congress at that time was led by members of the republican party, and the territory that the tribes wanted to turn into an exclusively indian state was predominantly democratic, the proposal (as expressed in the constitution) did not succeed, but the constitution itself proved to be of crucial importance in the creation of the state of oklahoma, and, most importantly, it guaranteed the involvement of representatives of the indian tribes in the government of the future joint state.  

as a member of congress, i would have voted to ratify the constitution, or at least to have it tabled. ignoring it was an interested and partial decision.  

c) troops march forward in close formation against newer, more accurate weapons

Countries of eastern europe.

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