1. which of the following does the image below represent? 1st pic a. the ccc b. the bonus march c. the banking crisis 2. which of the following new deal programs provided this worker with a job? think of which one most applies to the building and construction of things. 2nd pic a. the federal deposit insurance corporation b. the securities and exchange commission c. the tennessee valley authority

1. which of the following does the image below represent? 1st pic a. the ccc b. the bonus march c.


pretty sure it is c


i need answer choices

1st pic

B. The Bonus March

1932: WW1 veterans and their families marched to Washington claiming the payment of their war bonus.

During the great depression, which started in 1929, many people went broke and were unemployed beceause of the financial crisis.

For the war veterans, the situation wasn't better:  many of them lost their jobs and fortunes. Devastated, they asked President Hoover to give them their veterans bonus in advanced. The US Treasury assign each WW1 veteran a bonus with the value of 1 dolar o 1,25 dolar depending on each day they served America in the country or abroad. In 1924 the Congress pass the bonus bill, so by 1945 the veterans would have perceived the amounts with their corresponding interests charges.

They camped near the river and the Congress, keeping the camp in calm and order.  On the 17th of June, the advance bonus payment was disallow by the Capitol and the General Attorney, William Mitchell, gave the order to the police to exit the marchers. The marchers resisted and the police killed to people. President Hoover was concerned and asked General in Chief Douglas MacArthur to complete the expulsion sowing caos and destruction among the veterans and their families.


2nd pic

C. The Tennessee Valley Authority

Among New Deal programs, relief /recovery /reform strategies, The Tennessee Valley Authority was a program designed to encourage Public Work by building dams in the Tennessee river Valley. By these programs the Government wanted to lower the unemployement. It generated over 40.000 jobs.

Also by building this dams, the near Tennessee Valley population benefited from cheap electricity.

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