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the right answer is the third one: turnpikes went short distances to connect markets. turnpikes, also known as toll roads, were very important for trade and transportation (of peo... Read More
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History, 21.02.2023, kitttimothy55
Sorry sir you did not give us the graph i typically but i'm very confused my conclusion is you're missing valuable information in the question... Read More
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irzururyecmury u4yrye ad iruryesiururslueuryr itsl47d58url yeeslyeexplanation: uriueur urii57fiiurslitslurslueursruuu irsi4ueuriturrudurdirsurzrul... Read More
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the border between arizona and new mexico is a thin, black line; this indicates a state boundary.its correct: it's a thin line, and it's a state boundary, correct... Read More
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