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Bmust be the answer, as technically all organs move, so a is incorrect. all organs are made of different types of cells, so that isn’t a problem, so c is also incorrect. human hear... Read More
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This is a pretty on point question because all we need to do is replace 's' in the equation with '35'.the calculation will be9.95 + 0.30s = c9.95 + 0.30 (35) = c9.95 + 10.5 ... Read More
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take a break move to stretching and slowly work back into physically exercising if the problem continues go to a doctor or physical therapist... Read More
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the hyperactive and edgy feeling that comes when there is too much sugar in the blood stream. the actual amount of food that is eaten in a single meal. food with a high glycemic in... Read More
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Habit 1: be proactive  habit 2: begin with the end in mind  habit 3: put first things first  habit 4: think win-win  habit 5: seek first to understand, the... Read More
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