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Because without physical activity, the body has extra "energy" if you will, and so when it is time for bed you are not tired, so you end up staying up all night. also there is prob... Read More
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lifetime activities are certain actions that are either required throughout your life or you choose to do them. for example, eating is considered a lifetime activity, drinking wate... Read More
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minerals contribute to our overall health because they your body grow, develop, and stay healthy. our bodies use minerals to us function throughout the day.tromhey us build stro... Read More
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Answer charlie should immediately start an exercise and diet program because all his test indicate that he is extremely obese;... Read More
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Your answer would be proper diet, exercise and medications. type two diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and are usually not severe enough for any radiation or transplants... Read More
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Difference between normal and abnormal tissue is much clearer on mri than on ct and mri much suitable to view soft tissues... Read More
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