Triangle TUV is rotated as shown on the coordinate grid below, using the origin as the center of rotation.
On a coordinate plane, triangle T U V has points (1, negative 2), (7, negative 2), (3, negative 3). Triangle T prime U prime V prime has points (2, negative 0.5), (6.2, 3.8), (4, 0).
Which describes the rotation that took place?


Ascenario that doesnt  include any modern objects like electricity
The name may be in importnce  to them
Answer light in color; silica-rich;

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question - how does mountainous terrain affect settlements in a region? choose all answers that are correct.

groups trade with each other regularly.

people travel from settlement to settlement.

why: since they travel to go trade or visit it may be harder to get there because of the mountainous terrain.

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Answer is b)eutrophication occurs when excess nutrients are present in aquatic ecosystems, resulting in the increased production of plant life and the subsequent decrease in the ox...Read More
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