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hello, after writing this text in french i have to translate it into english. to those who will take the trouble to me.

before arriving at the museum, we notice a charming alley, with its stream, breathtaking greenery, hundred-year-old trees, ducks and geese, sculptures of different themes.

this museum takes up the entire history of electricity from its beginning to the present day, we appreciate the exhibitions and the references to those who were the first to master electricity and exhibit many ancient instruments of electric hope. many films and audio recording available to explain the operation of the devices and each and translated into 3 languages. (english, french, german). the explanations are simple and can be understood even by a young audience. many games and experiences are available for self-made throughout the visit. the animation around static electricity is well done and generally delights children. there is also the "nostalgia" part in which we can find the household appliances of our youth, that of our parents, or even our grandparents. the setting is warm, informative and entertaining. the museum is quite well done in all. it provides useful knowledge about electricity.


bonjour !

ce chien "était""(être) noir et blanc.

le chien (s'appeler)   "s'appellait" fifi.

jean- ­luc (s'arrêter) "s'arrêta" quand il a vu que fifi était très petit.

fifi (approcher) "approcha" jean-­luc.

pendant que fifi (l'approcher) "l'approchait" jean-luc reculait.

fifi (avancer) avança peu à   peu.

jean-­luc (sortir) sorti un morceau de chocolat de sa poche.

il (ne pas avoir) "n'a pas eu " peur de ce petit monstre.

il (lui offrir) "lui offra" le morceau de chocolat.

fifi (l'accepter) "l'accepta" .


1- ok   /or/ et joue au rugby avec son équipe. (sounds a little bit better)

2- ok

3- ok

4- au printemps, elle joue au tennis avec ses cousins à dix heures du matin tous les samedis.

5- ok

6- le soir, elle aime regarde   les informations et une émission de sport à la télévision avec sa famille.

everything is correct. the changes i made aren't so important.   you did a really great job

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