Can someone help me again please, thanks :)

Can someone help me again please, thanks :)


(je t'aime) is how you say it.
Hi ! est-ce que vou voulez voyager en france ? (do you want to travel to france ? )b- oui, je veux y voyager. ( yes, i want to travel there)"y" usaually replace a place have to use it in front of the verb to which it refers (here, it's "voyager")"en" is more likely to refers to as "j'en voudrais une part" =" i would like a piece of it""je lui en ai parlé" = i spoke to him/her about itwel, of course, as in french grammar, many exceptions ! hope i !
1.Marc is in New York-ou est Marc?

2.Elles song es amerique- ou sont elles
3-ou suis-je (where am I)

Your first one is I’m in history class


The je suis is I’m or I am, dans is in. Now obviously classe d’historie is history, classe is class.

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