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Complete each sentence with appropriate reflexive verb
1. Quand on a sommeil, on (Blank)
2. Après chaque repas, mes enfants (Blank)
3. Quand j'ai mal dormi, je (Blank)
4. Quand nous faisons la cuisine, nous (Blank)
5. Quand elle va sortir avec des copains, elle (Blank)
6. Avant de quitter la maison, tu (Blank)
7. Avant de vous coucher, vous (Blank)
8. Quand elles ont beaucoup de travail à faire, elles (Blank)


Already answered but thanks
•don’t over think about math, just breath, be calm
• practice practice practice! it will get better, even if it’s hard
• try some flash cards to u remember
• don’t get yourself distracted, be focused or your gonna get lost!
hope this ! : )

Complete each sentence with appropriate reflexive verb


1. When we are sleepy, we sleep.

2. After each meal, my children clean

3. When I slept badly, I take medicine

4. When we cook, we eat

5. When she goes out with friends, she plays

6. Before leaving the house, you lock every door

7. Before going to bed, you turn off the light

8. When they have a lot of work to do, they work hard


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