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government played the key role in promoting industrialization in russia while individual businesses played a larger role in great britain. or for apex a

Delegates: representatives who cast votes at a political party's national convention. binding: if a primary or caucus is “binding” that means the delegates won in that contest are legally bound to vote for a particular candidate at the parties national convention.a primary is a preliminary election used to determine a party's nominee for a specific office. the winner of the party's caucus, or primary, wins the party nomination for that state. then the delegates meet at their party's national party convention, which is a formal gathering of all party delegates from all states.
Once upon a time there was man, he liked eating lollipops and riding unicorns, his friends though, made fun of him. This caused him to have no friends except the "imaginary" ones of course. So his so-called friends inspired him to become an explorer, and while the unicorns he used to ride were obviously not real, he one day found a real one!!! his discovery made him millions and he was heard of throughout the world and lived happily ever after. THE END

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