What is most likely the author’s reason for encouraging the audience to “keep [their] early enthusiasm” in the passage below (paragraph 3)?
The collaborators and students who are now here share our scientific faith…. Keep your early enthusiasm, dear collaborators, but let it ever be regulated by rigorous examinations and tests. Never advance anything that cannot be proved in a simple and decisive fashion.
Answer choices for the above question
A. He thinks that it is okay if they remain students for the rest of their lives.
B. He knows that thorough testing of their discoveries will challenge their initial eagerness.
C. He is hinting that testing is the most exciting part of the scientific process.
D. He is encouraging them to only take on projects that they are passionate about.


it would be offer because the group is offering all at once.

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1.) frame story2.)narrative interruption  3.)internal rhyme 

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