Over the next 30 years or so, electric vehicles entered a sort of dark ages with little advancement in the technology. How does the phrase “dark ages” impact the meaning of the passage?

by expressing that electric vehicles began a period of transformation
by expressing that electric vehicles began a period of transformation

by expressing that electric vehicles failed to fulfill public demand



as we know, the english language is spoken all over the world by native and non-native speakers and has become the most certain tool when it comes to communicating. businesses, schools, even romantic relationships depend on it to keep thriving. in addition, it is the language of the internet not only because most of the content available is in english, but also because people prefer to use it when talking to others, since it's the language everyone supposedly learns.

yet, there have been some current claims that chinese will soon take over as the most important language in the world. china's magnitude has never been more evident and doing business with the chinese is a gold mine for any country. we now see language schools offering chinese courses as commonly as english.

however - even though we cannot deny china's importance and the advantage it is when someone takes the time to learn the language their business contact speaks-, people in general seem to be ignoring the aspects that seem to keep english as the chosen one of languages. one of them has been mentioned above: it is the language of the internet. also, chinese people are still learning english, since it opens doors in communicating with practically everyone else, from every single country.

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the correct answer is d

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subject: why anyone can be a genius.

occasion: moving forward in life.

audience: average person

purpose: to push you further in life

speaker: many famous geniuses.

here is the poem:

here is thy, and here is thee, genius is for what he can be.

poem is a matter of rhyme, but like ben frank said, life is a matter of time.

we have great inventors such as thomas edison, who said, "genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration." no, no perspiration as what comes from your skeleton.

we have great minds, from places of all kinds, such as yu kaw la chi tie, (now im switching languages because yu kaw was japanese.)

てちハラスイヒイス, てちラスイヒイス


you are a genius, well not yet, but you are capable, and that is a bet.


Can someone . 35 points i have to choose one poem and write about it using the s.o.a.p.s t

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