Student Directions Monumental Debates Explanatory Performance Task Task: Your history teacher presents a slide show about some famous monuments: the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Washington Monument. As your teacher shares reasons some people dislike some monuments, you realize that there is more to monuments than you previously thought. You decide to research why some people disagree about monuments. As part of your initial research, you find four articles about monuments. After you have reviewed these sources, you will answer some questions about them. Briefly scan the sources and the questions that follow. Then, go back and read the sources carefully to gain the information you will need to answer the questions and finalize your research. You may click the NOTES box to take notes on the information you find in the sources as you read. . Your notes will be available to you as you answer the questions.


Wow you still havent got a answer
The correct answer is rhythm

answer: j


the answer is both an appeal to ethos and logos (if that's what your question options were)

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answer is b,"the tracer looks harmless in flight, but the pilot’s bitten lips and white knuckles suggest how dangerous it can be."it was correct....Read More
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it would probably be inspector gadget cause he has a talking ! i mean who wouldnt want to have a talking and all those cool things he could do! hope this ! could i get brainliest...Read More
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