I arrived early for my appointment. The place was busy and smelled of chemicals. I found a place to sit and wait. The lady next to me had a towel around her head. I heard a blow dryer in the distance. It was loud over the music that was playing. Where am I?


where is the chart

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The answer is "he was bad enough in all conscience, but the devil himself could not temp him to turn slave-trader. satirical is a synonym for sarcastic. so when the author says that tom walker could not be tempted by the devil he does not literally mean "the devil" but he means that he is too morally upright to become a slave-trader.

how does the author's use of hyperbole to characterize jim smiley? a) it characterizes smiley as an introverted loner who prefers books to people. b) it characterizes smiley as a man who is kind and nurturing toward others who are less fortunate. c) it characterizes smiley as a man who is evil and vindictive toward any one who crosses his path. d) it characterizes smile as a man who is a risk-taker who willing bets on anything and with anyone.

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