Which statement correctly analyzes how the passages work together to create a central idea?


c is the answer because first she would blush to make the reader wonder why which they find out in the next line.

the book's theme is the moral ambiguity of the iranian revolution, history of middle eastern relations and the process of growing up during war. it sheds light on the stereotypical views of middle eastern culture and religion.

the author explicitly portrays the issues of class disparities and racism continously throught the whole novel.

the relationship between parents and childrens, the abandonment of faith, modernity vs fundamentalism and class conflict are the 4 main panels that this novel englobes.

hope this , if you would like me to be more specific about a specific excerpt let me know : )

When the author asks himself a series of questions, it conveys the way he thinks and where he stands.at least that's what i believe.

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