d would be the most obvious choice to this question. leaders are supposed to herd their underlings like a shepherd to sheep. a leader should also listen to others when they are tal... Read More
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explanation: i don't understand really? can u provide more informationu should make a machine that can make ice cream fresh!... Read More
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answer: 1: productivity. productivity is an important reason for developing it systems. 2: information. it systems are key to delivering the information and intelligence you need t... Read More
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A Carnot heat engine receives heat from a reservoir at 900$^\circ{}$C at a rate of 800 kJ/min and rejects the waste heat to the ambient air at 27$^\circ{}$C. The entire work output... Read More
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answer: i dont know but you should start brainstorming ideas like how would you post themexplanation:... Read More
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answer: (copy and paste into search bar)Explanation:... Read More
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