Complete programming exercise in chapter 3, program exercise 11. Students will be provided the Pseudocode and flowchart, then they are to create this in Python. Hot Dog Cookout Calculator Assume that hot dogs come in packages of 10, and hot dog buns come in packages of 8. Design a modular program that calculates the number of packages of hot dogs and the number of packages of hot dog buns needed for a cookout, with the minimum amount of leftovers. The program should ask the user for the number of people attending the cookout, and the number of hot dogs each person will be given. The program should display the following: The minimum number of packages of hot dogs required. The minimum number of packages of buns required The number of hot dogs that will be left over The number of buns that will be left over


given the lack of choices, i'm gonna wing it and say that pushing your car off a cliff might not be the best idea. your car might sustain damage from the fall and will probably result in the car being too damaged to jump start.

if that's not good enough, avoid filling the car with bees. bees might get agitated when trapped or during the moving process, and might result in death or painful stings that will make jump starting your car very difficult. but in the event that you do choose to fill your car with bees, remember to wear protective gear!

Tracked audio is based on mathematical algorithms.

none because it's so obvious



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