Which of the following describes an element? Choose all that apply. Question 1 options:

Gold is an example.

Salt water is an example.

Different components in a fixed ration.

There is only one type of substance present.

Water is an example.

Composed of one type of atom with its own unique properties.


A)  it is neutral because the concentration of hydronium ions equals that of hydroxide ions
Oxygen= 88ghydrogen= 12g

answer : (a) volume of the gas = 8.67 × 10^{-3}   l

                (b) second virial coefficient b = -1.21226 l/mole

solution :   given,     t = 300k

                                p = 20atm

                                z = 0.86

                                n = 8.2 mmoles = 8.2 × 10^{-3} moles

                                r =   0.082 l atm/k/mol

        find,     (a) volume of gas   and (b) second virial coefficient b at 300k.

formula used :             z=\frac{pv}{nrt}

                          and     z=1+\frac{b}{v}        

(a)       z=\frac{pv}{nrt}      


                    = \frac{0.86\times 8.2\times[tex]10^{-3}\times 0.082\times 300}{20}[/tex]

                    = 8.67 × 10^{-3}   l

(b)       z=1+\frac{b}{v}


                    = (0.00867-1) × 8.659

                    = - 8.5839 l/mole

you need to take a look at the periodic system in order to sort these elements into pairs that would most likely exhibit similar chemical properties. first, you need to find elements that are found in the same group (groups are vertical in the periodic system), and then to see whether they have the same valence number. if they meet these criteria, they will have similar properties.

the first pair: ne (neon) and kr (krypton), are noble gases found in group 8

the second pair: li (lithium) and k (potassium), found in group 1

the third pair: s (sulfur) and te (tellurium), found in group 6

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