When electrodes are placed just inside and just outside of the cell membrane, there is a relative more blank charge on the blank
of the cell.


The product formed when bao and h2o  react together is                        ba(oh)2that is  bao + h2o = ba(oh)21 mole of    bao    react  1 mole of h2o  to    form  1 mole  of ba(oh)2
What are the options? physical property can be color, smell, opacity, viscosity, density, infra red spectrum, melting and boiling points, attraction and repulson to magnets, etc.

1. a)c-14 has two more protons

2. d)they have different numbers of protons, neutrons, and valence electrons; they are all gases at room temperature.

3. c) iron and nickel.

the correct name for the n3 ion is azide. azide is a polyatomic anion with a -1 charge and is written as n3 -1. it consists of three nitrogen atoms bonded together. hope i . let me know if you need anything else.

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