Using dilution equationm1v1 =m2v2 ; where m1 and m1 are the intiial and final concentration, and v1 and v2 are the initial and final volume.5  × 5 m = 8 l  × m2m2 = 25/8... Read More
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Not a  mixture of two common elements that can be separated by physical means.... Read More
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if the temperature drops and becomes coolthen the atmosphere can be freezing as the water vapor in the air is at maximum (100%) and can be severely coldalso can be snowing lightly... Read More
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i believe the answer is three water molecules... Read More
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a. the law of proportion states the combination of 2 atoms in a specific ratio to produce multiple compounds such as the given statement of question ‘1st compound contains 88.8 % c... Read More
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well i think it's b i also looked it up just now and this website says its apparently banyways well have a marry halloween and a sp00ky 1 oh yes stay safe hahayeet cya... Read More
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